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BCAE and NCAE advocate for members and students to enhance the education profession and advance public education.  We work to make education stronger in North Carolina!

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Recommended Candidates

Press Release for Recommended Public Education-Friendly Candidates


Buncombe County Association of Educators (BCAE) and Asheville City Association of Educators (ACAE) is pleased to recommend these incumbents and candidates based on their consistent and abiding support of our public schools and the communities we serve together. Each of them has been a regular presence within our schools and classrooms, asking questions and gaining firsthand knowledge of the challenges we meet and triumphs we achieve every day. Each of them knows how intrinsically bound our schools are to the success of the broader community they represent. We are proud to have their support and moreso to recommend them for their respective offices in our General Assembly.

State Candidates Recommended by BCAE and NCAE

Representative Susan Fisher, House District 114


Representative Fisher has demonstrated a proven track record in the General Assembly as a staunch supporter of our public schools. She is always ready to discuss ways to improve our schools and community services to benefit all children and families. Representative Fisher is a powerful advocate for delivering the public schools our students deserve.

Representative John Ager, House District 115


Representative Ager has delivered on his promises to advocate for our public schools and the children and families we serve. He is responsive and articulate, sharing ideas and hearing first-hand the realities that exist in our schools. His efforts to support the mission of public schools are consistently fair and genuine, and he is not afraid to bring many viewpoints to the table in order to ensure positive outcomes for his constituents, as well as the State of North Carolina.

Representative Brian Turner, House District 116


Representative Turner is a steadfast and longtime friend of public education. He has always been eager to visit our schools and see firsthand the excellent work that is being done every day for every child, and he makes a point to reach out to those who are on the front lines to understand what is needed in our schools to be successful. He is sincere in his words and actions to make North Carolina a dynamic place to live and grow and prosper for all its citizens. 

Senator Terry Van Duyn, Senate District 49


Senator Van Duyn is a powerful voice for public education, and she believes deeply in the opportunities it affords to all students to grow and achieve their dreams. She supports the complex work of our profession and the dedication of our school personnel in every staff position to contribute to the well-being of the whole child. Senator Van Duyn knows the intrinsic importance of fully funding our public schools and is committed to supporting our mission to bring all children to their greatest potential. 

Norm Bossert, N.C. Senate District 48

Candidate Norm Bossert is a well-respected retired administrator and educator in the Buncombe County Schools who every day proves that he is qualified and committed to the mission of our profession. He has a solid command of the issues that concern public education and our profession because he has experienced it firsthand. His passion is clear to the families our schools serve, and he can articulate with undeniable credibility how to pave a clear path toward success.